How The First AM Radio Set Worked

In 1887- 1920 there was a technological advancement that today we call the AM/FM Radio. Back then it was only AM. This technology was called wireless telegraph. Radio waves are all around us. They are virtually undetectable by human. You cant touch it or see it. One antenna from an output source, outputs sound. Music, [...]

KCBS: The World’s Oldest AM Radio Station

KCBS was founded as KQW in 1909 by engineer Charles Herrold in San Jose, California. Because of this it could have claim to the title as the oldest radio station in America to continually broadcast. It has had many different call signs since then eventually settling on KCBS when it was bought by CBS in [...]

The History Of AM Radio Post World War I

AM radio was the first type of radio to be invented. It was first started in the early 20th century as widely used during World War I as a means to relay information and news to people during the war. A lot of these original stations were amateur stations that were started by civilians all [...]

The History Of AM Radio Prior To World War I

AM radios history before World War I is a very interesting and entertaining history. The first experimental broadcast of the AM radio happened on Christmas Eve in 1906. Reginald Fessenden, a Canadian, was this experimenter. This experimentation came over a decade after the invention of the radio which was invented in 1897. Many of the [...]