The History Of AM Radio Post World War I

Posted on July 18, 2011
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AM radio was the first type of radio to be invented. It was first started in the early 20th century as widely used during World War I as a means to relay information and news to people during the war. A lot of these original stations were amateur stations that were started by civilians all over the country. There was a later a ban placed on these amateur radio stations towards the end of World War I.

The Navy had a huge part in promoting amateur radio use after World War I. They wanted to use the invention of radio to help relay and send codes between their officers during times of conflict. In 1919 the Navy started broadcasting a weekly show about amateur radio station broadcasting in an effort to keep amateurs interested in radio and to surreptisiously train civilians to send and receive code.

In the 20′s radio became an increasingly used medium for entertainment. The federal government then placed a ban on amateur broadcasting to a wide range. But, by then so many amateurs knew so much about broadcasting that they were getting jobs as engineers at the various radio stations that were popping up all over the country during the roaring twenties.


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