KCBS: The World’s Oldest AM Radio Station

Posted on July 20, 2011
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KCBS was founded as KQW in 1909 by engineer Charles Herrold in San Jose, California. Because of this it could have claim to the title as the oldest radio station in America to continually broadcast. It has had many different call signs since then eventually settling on KCBS when it was bought by CBS in the late 1940s. It was knows as KCBS until 1995.

Later, in 1968, KCBS became an all-news radio station. It is knows as one of the first all-news radio stations in America. It was already widely known as a news radio station because of the stations efforts during World War II to gather information regarding the war in the Pacific Theater. It was one of the most important radio stations in the country during the time because most radio stations were covering the action that was happening in Europe during World War II instead of the Pacific part of the war.

In 1995 KCBS was bought by the Westinghouse Corporation. This corporation also owned KPIX-TV located in the Bay area. These two stations were then made to work together and both of their stations were moved to San Jose, California where KCBS was originally started.


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