How The First AM Radio Set Worked

Posted on July 21, 2011
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In 1887- 1920 there was a technological advancement that today we call the AM/FM Radio. Back then it was only AM. This technology was called wireless telegraph. Radio waves are all around us. They are virtually undetectable by human. You cant touch it or see it. One antenna from an output source, outputs sound. Music, interviews, and news travel these radio waves to a receiving antenna which is the listener. It takes just a few simple components to make a radio as the radio waves are already out in the universe, you just have to know how to use them. Am radio was the first listening radio waves to be broadcasted around the world. From a few feet to thousands of miles. This is what has paved the way for things like cell phones and even internet. It is amazing how something so simple to can us into the 21st century with all the wifi and wireless gadgets we all seem to take for granted these days. So next time your listening to that radio rather it be satellite or on the AM/FM tuner in your room its all the same thing its just how we have evolved to use it.


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