Is The Radio Really That Important Anymore?

Posted on April 19, 2012
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In a world where we spend most of our time watching our DIRECTV or checking our sites on our computers or smartphones, you would think we really wouldn’t have much use for the radio. We get all of our music online or through various music television channels and we even get our news through nothing more than a few presses of the button on our smartphones, but how do you get your entertainment when you’re driving in the car or commuting to work every day? I certainly hope you don’t type away on your smartphones while you drive, since such an action is justifiably illegal in most states.

No, I would imagine you still use the radio, be it AM or FM or XM, when it comes to passing the time during a hard days commute. We all do. The radio is simply an easily accessible diversion and there are so many different kinds of programs to choose from that you could well be home before you even know it. Music, news, talk, sports – there are so many programs to choose from on the radio and you don’t have to type away on a screen or wait for internet service – all you have to do is twist some knobs and drive.


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